We Smashed our Pumpkins on Yellow Cards in some year?

With the month of November just about done and over with, Geno J is hoping you’re ready for December and The Rockin’ Pop Party (Friday, November 30th, 2018) tomorrow! It should be a good one! From everything to your “Between the Sheets: Cover Comparison” to “The Rockin’ Hour in History” having you ‘Guess the Year” this time around, it’s sure to be fun for everyone! It all starts at 3 pm Eastern, noon Pacific, here on Magic 109!

On this week’s episode of The Rockin’ Pop Party, Geno J’s got some great tunes in store for you! You’ll find out who won the “Between the Sheets: Cover Comparison” last week. Was it R.E.M. or 10 Years? You’ll also hear this week’s contenders as well. This week, The Smashing Pumpkins goes “Between the Sheets: Cover Comparison” against Yellowcard with a unique take on a real rocker! Not to mention, in “The Rockin’ Hour in History” you’ll have to ‘Guess the Year’ this time around to wrap up the show! What year is it? The only hint you get right now is that it came out before 1980. The individual who guesses the correct year, picks the year for the first episode of The Rockin’ Pop Party for 2019! If that’s not enough though, Geno J will take your requests throughout the show and have plenty of friendly banter for you too!

If you’d like to get in touch with Geno J, you can visit his website at https://www.itsjustgenoj.com/ and find all his contact details there, as well as links to find him on social media. Of course, you can also find him under the link labeled ‘The Team’ here on our website too! Tuning in is easy enough. Just visit our ‘Listen’ page and find links to tune in with your default media player or on your smart speaker, mobile device and more! Again, it all starts tomorrow (Friday, November 30th, 2018) at 3 pm Eastern, noon Pacific, right after The Rock Vault with Brice Mull, here on Magic 109, the only station breaking the radio dial!

Get Ready for Cult Chat Part II

You the listeners, asked for it and so, by popular demand, we’re bringing you part two of Cult Chat. Tomorrow night, join Alternative Ash and Sweet Stephanie from 10 pm to midnight Eastern. We’ll be discussing lesser known cults as well as some well-known ones. We will also be answering questions from listeners. So, if you have any questions, feel free to send them to Alternative Ash and/or Sweet Stephanie before the show. Then tune in to Magic 109. The only station breaking the radio dial for Cult Chat Part II!

Friday Nights Great Music And Some Early Holiday Treats On The Retro Arcade

This week The Retro Arcade makes its move to Friday night at 9 PM eastern time on www.magic109.com. This week I’ll be playing some rock, pop, and country from the 60s through the 90s including rare tracks by The Outfield, Martika and Arcade, plus many of your favorites. in the second hour, I’ll be playing some Christmas songs and comedy to get you in the holiday spirit. I’ll have holiday classics from Andy Wiliams, Bing Crosby, a double play of Johnny Cash, Santa getting himself into some odd predicaments. Plus I’ll talk about what’s ON TV classic games, and much more. So I hope you can join me for The Retro Arcade as it moves to its new day and time this Friday night from 9 PM to midnight on www.magic109.com the station breaking the radio dial.

It’s the last mix of 2018 with DJ Sassy!

Today on Magic 109, you will be hearing a lot of artists that includes: Depeche Mode, America, Al Green, Cyndi Lauper, Spice Girls & a lot more! I will be talking about each of their greatest hits, what year it came out, etc. Come check out my show, “Mix It Up!” with DJ Sassy every Monday from 9-11pm EST. I will gladly take your requests as well, stay tuned in how to send in your requests.

Post Thanksgiving Mix and Double Seasonings

Now that we are past Thanksgiving and heading toward my favorite holiday, Christmas. I am going to do a double play of artists and include their hits as well as a Christmas song. So, go ahead and get your requests in early. You can send them via the ‘Request Form’ at https://www.magic109.com and clicking ‘Requests’ or sending a tweet to (at)DJAshleyS on Twitter!

Old Favorites In A New Light, And Building The Hit! This And More On The Rock Vault!

I hope you’ve all had a great Thanksgiving and are ready to grab a hot plate full of some great rock tunes! This week on The Rock Vault, it wasn’t enough for them to record it once. They had to do it once more. We’ll be taking a look at popular songs you know and love but in a different light as the last hour will be all re-recorded songs. Have you wondered why artists do this? We’ll go into that as well. And if that weren’t enough I’ll also be featuring some demo recordings . This gives you a glimpse into the makings of what went on to be hits. These may actually surprise you as some of them were changed quite a bit in the final cut. I’m interested to know what you all think. I’ve also got The Chill-Out Set, and Amp Warmer in addition to some other surprises. Hopefully you haven’t eaten too much turkey because I’ve got your fill of good tunes, fun chatter, and so much more this Friday at 12 Pm. only on Magic 109!

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Email: brice(at)magic109.com

Check out the website for information on shows, presenters, making requests, how to chat with us, and much more!


Enjoy some leftovers on The Rockin’ Pop Party!

Are you stuffed from all that turkey? Do you want a bit more? How about some punny jokes? If so, join Geno J for another episode of The Rockin’ Pop Party tomorrow (Friday, November 23rd) here on Magic109, at 3 pm Eastern right after the Rock Vault with Brice Mull

On this week’s episode, enjoy some of the deeper cuts of the favorite albums you all know and love in the first two hours! You’ll also find out who won last week’s “Between the Sheets: Cover Comparison” too! Was it Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty or Puddle of Mud? You’ll also hear this week’s contenders as well. This week it’s R.E.M. versus 10 Years with a classic 90s track. If that’s not enough, “The Rockin’ Hour in History” has some great oldies from the 50s and 60s. All this, plus his friendly banter and your requests are on the way for tomorrows episode.

If you’d like to get in touch with Geno J or listen, it’s very easy! You can visit his personal website at https://www.itsjustgenoj.com/ or just follow ‘The Team’ link here on our website as well. Listening is as easy as following the ‘Listen’ link and your on your way to enjoy three hours of The Rockin’ Pop Party, tomorrow (Friday, November 23rd) at 3 pm Eastern, here on Magic 109, the only station breaking the radio dial!

Luke Bryan & David Bowie will be mixing things up in the pot on Mix It Up!

Luke Bryan & David Bowie will be featuring on DJ Sassy’s show, Mix It Up! tonight from 9-11pm EST. Luke will be stirring the pot with some country music while David will be adding a little “kick” of classic & modern rock to the pot. Each segment will be different. First hour is country (classic & modern) & the 2nd will be rock (classic & modern). Get in touch with me by sending in request on our request page http://www.magic109.com or emailing me djsassy@magic109.com There are other ways to communicate with me which will be discussed on my show tonight. Let’s get that pot boiling with “Mix It Up!” here at Magic 109 – Breaking the radio dial!

A sweet story will be told during The G Spot!

Who said songs can’t be deeper than the actual lyrics? Song titles leave a lot of room for interpretation and Geno J has taken it to the limits of his imagination and made a whole show of it! Tonight, during a special edition of The G Spot, as Sweet Stephanie’s computer is being repaired, he’ll have two stories for you. One in each hour! Play along, get in touch by emailing genoj@magic109.com or by visiting his personal website at https://www.itsjustgenoj.com/, where you can contact him and find all his social media details. So, jot down the song titles for each hour and you’ll get a sentence or two, or maybe a run-on sentence, but it will make sense! There’ll be lots of laughs and colorful commentary during the show as well too! It all starts tonight at 10 pm Eastern, here on Magic 109, the only station forcing you to use your imagination and break that radio dial!

Tomorrow’s Show Will Be Positively Delicious

Because it has been so cold lately, I have decided to warm my listeners up with soup… Alphabet Soup that is. Some time during my show, I will start the game alphabet soup and will draw the song ideas and suggestions from all genres and any message whether positive or negative. Join me tomorrow night at 7 pm Eastern and get your requests in early.

You can send them via the ‘Request’ page at magic109.com or my twitter @DJAshleyS.