Want to talk to the team here at Magic 109? You may find some of them up on TeamTalk. If you are new to TeamTalk, it’s a conferencing program, allowing you to chat with others with very flexible controls. The client is also available as an app on both Android and iOS devices. Just search for ‘TeamTalk’ in your app store and it should come right up! For more information about TeamTalk, visit there website or contact us for more details.

TeamTalk Code of Conduct

Before joining or logging into our TeamTalk server, we ask that you read and abide the following rules and regulations.

  1. All users must read the MOTD (Message of the Day) and channel/room descriptions. Failure to follow the rules displayed in the descriptions of the rooms and channels will get you kicked or banned from the server.
  2. Be respectful and show some common courtesy toward others. Follow any specific directions enforced by the room owners and operators. You will only be asked once.
  3. You’ll find yourself in ‘The Magic Kingdom’ upon entering the server. Just read the MOTD and description of the room and make your way to ‘The Listener Lounge’ to mingle with others or wait in ‘The Listener Lounge’ to be moved upon request to another locked room. Visitors join and leave ‘The Magic Kingdom’ frequently, but no audio is in this room. You can think of it as an entrance or anti-chamber.
  4. All visitors should be wearing headphones at the very least before entering any room, due to the nature of TeamTalk causing feedback on speakers. Ideally, a headset with microphone is preferred, but an external microphone and headphones will do just as well too.
  5. Your favorite presenter may be in his or her studio. If so, you must ask permission to join them. All the studios are locked, thus not allowing you to enter. Please get in touch with the presenter to be moved in their room. Be advised, they can add you at their own discretion.
  6. The management team will not interfere in any issues or situations that you may be dealing with by other listeners. If you have a problem with one of our presenters, management will only investigate the issue or situation if it occurred in ‘The Listener Lounge’ and the complaint is filed in writing.
  7. Other rooms outside of ‘The Magic Kingdom’ channel are open to the public, so long as it is unlocked. Keep in mind, the views and opinions outside ‘The Magic Kingdom’ do not necessarily reflect that of those here at Magic 109.
  8. Occasionally, you’ll find ‘The Magic Boombox’ streaming content on our TeamTalk server. It will be streaming Magic 109 in ‘The Magic Kingdom’ channels, but may be streaming other content in the other channels. There also may be multiple instances of it on the server as well, hosted by various presenters. Ask any operator or admin as to who is responsible for streaming it.
  9. Logging into our TeamTalk server anonymously means you will not be able to see who’s where until you’ve entered the room they happen to be in. Another words, all rooms will appear to have zero users, until you enter said room with users in it.
  10. Actual user accounts will only be issued to those who earned them and at the admins of the TeamTalk server’s discretion.
  11. The Management team reserves the right to abolish anonymous access, delete issued user accounts and change, modify, edit, remove or amend these rules with no notice or terminate the TeamTalk server altogether.

TeamTalk Server Details

Down below is the TeamTalk server details and a ‘tt file’ to connect you instantly with the server’s credentials already pre-loaded.

Host Name:
TCP/UDP Port: 10333

Username: (Leave blank or enter your issued username.)
Password: (Leave blank or enter your issued password.)

Channel Name: (Leave blank.)
Channel Password: (Leave blank.)

– or –

Click here to download our ‘tt file’ that has all the server credentials pre-loaded automatically for you. If you follow the link and it causes a dialog box to appear, just select the ‘Yes’ button and continue anyway to proceed to the server.

Note: The above link to automatically open your TeamTalk client will only work with version 5 or above. Please refer to the provided website shown above for official download links or for technical assistance.