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Alicia And Wes of The Meltdown Present Positive Impact: Christian Impact Edition

So, we’re all stuck at home, and we can’t go to church on Sunday. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t praise Him together. Join Alicia and I as we fill in for Alternative Ash tomorrow (Sunday) night at 7:00 East. Instead of our usual Meltdown fare, we’ll bring you a great variety of Christian music. Praise and Worship, CCM, Christian hard rock and metal, and everything in between. We’ll start at 7:00 PM East, and go until 10:00 PM.

Of course, as always, your Christian music requests are welcome! Get them in via http://tunes.wesderby.net, or via http://magic109.com/request; just select my name, Wes Derby, from the drop-down. You’ll hear artists like Chris Tomlin, Carman, Third Day, Stryper, Disciple, P.O.D., Skillet, Casting Crowns, Elevation Worship, Hillsong, and so much more!

Please join us by visiting http://magic109.com or by searching Magic 109 on TuneIn Radio on your Android or iOS device. Alternatively, you can tell your smart speaker “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”.

We may not be able to gather together for worship in the traditional manner, but Sunday night, Alicia and I will bring the worship team into your homes, cars, walks, offices, or wherever else you may be. Let us uplift and encourage you during these crazy times.

It’s a Double Dose Of The Meltdown This Week On Magic; Wednesday and Sunday

It’s an unusual week for myself and Alicia on Wes’s Musical Meltdown. No show Tuesday, thanks to some technical Gremlins who got hungry after midnight. But, the glitches have been ironed out, and we will take to the Magic 109 airwaves this week.

First up, tomorrow, Wednesday, we’ll be in for Annie’s Warm Wonderland. Anything goes musically, and we do mean anything. We’ll start at 6:00 East and go until 9:00!

Sunday, we’ll be in for Alternative Ash’s Positive Impact. This week, it becomes The Meltdown’s Christian Impact, all Christian contemporary, rock, praise and worship, and anything else in the collection that falls under the Christian music umbrella.

To listen, of course, go to https://magic109.com for listen links, find us on TuneIn Radio for your smart phone, or tell smart speakers “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”.

To make requests, visit the library, up now, at http://tunes.wesderby.net. Make your requests for the Wednesday show; I’ll start allowing requests for Sunday’s show on Friday. Alternately, you can also use the request form at http://magic109.com/request; just select Wes Derby from the drop-down.

We look forward to entertaining you outside of our usual nights. Wednesday will be anything goes, so there may be adult content. Sunday will be an all-Christian music show, safe for the entire family.

It’s a Meltdown In The Rock Vault As Wes Derby Fills In For Brice This Week!

On this week’s Rock Vault, Brice will be away, so Wes Derby’s gonna play! Join me at noon East/900 AM Pacific Friday as I attempt to do the show justice. No features, but we’ll have lots of great rock from yesterday and today. There’ll be some party tunes to get you ready for the weekend, some new stuff you may not have heard yet, some forgotten gems that may take you back to another time and place, possibly even some Christian rock, and of course, your requests are welcome.

Feel free to use the form at http://tunes.wesderby.net or fill out the email submission at http://magic109.com/request, and if it’s rock/hard rock/metal/classic rock, I’ll play it for you. If it doesn’t fall under the rock umbrella, the request will be held over for Tuesday night’s regular time.

To catch the show, visit http://magic109.com, find Magic 109 on TuneIn Radio for your smart phone, or tell that Alexa or Google Assistant “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”. Hope to see you there; the vault will open promptly at noon, and I’ll be gone with the valuables by 3:00 East!

Wes’s Musical Meltdown: Back To The Normal Night and Time

The Meltdown had to go away for a bit for health reasons; we returned with a fun fill-in show Saturday night. This week, we’re back to the normal time, and causing all the same trouble. We’ll be on magic109.com at 7:00 PM East, Tuesday evening, and we hope you’ll be there, too! To listen, of course, visit http://magic109.com, find us on TuneIn Radio, or tell smart speakers “Play Magic 109 from tuneIn”.

This week on the show, we’ll of course have our cover comparison, lots of new and classic tunes, and your requests are welcome at http://tunes.wesderby.net or http://magic109.com/request. In addition, we’ll have a brief tribute to the late Kenny Rogers, and perhaps some music to help us get through this whole social distancing/COVID-2019 thing.

As always, anything goes. If you want to hear something, use the above links to submit your requests, and we’ll play them if we have them. No genre off-limits.

The Meltdown Takes Over House Calls At 10:00 PM East Saturday; Let’s Have a Virtual Party

Spring has arrived…And thanks to the COVID-19 Virus, we’re all basically stuck in our homes. Whether you’re enjoying the quarantine, or hating it like many of us, we’re all doing our part. But, just because we’re not able to go out and have fun with friends in the community doesn’t mean we can’t have a house party of our own. You bring your own drink and food of choice, Alicia and I will supply the tunes to keep you going for a few hours Saturday Night.

Thanks to seizure issues, I’ve been off the air since midway through my March 10 show, and I’m wanting to get back on and play some tunes for the Magic listeners. So, instead of waiting until next Tuesday, The Meltdown will take over the slot normally held by House Calls with Doc. We’ll start at 10:00 PM East, and go for two or three hours of musical goodness. Of course, your requests will help the direction of this little virtual party. Get them in by searching the library at http://tunes.wesderby.net before and during the show, or submit the request form available at https://magic109.com/request, find my name in the drop-down, and your request will be emailed to me. If you’re new to the Meltdown, there are no rules. I don’t care if it’s country, rock, Christian, secular, old, new, pop, metal, jazz…If it’s in the library, it’s fair game on this show.

Of course, I intend to be back to my normal schedule Tuesday night…But I figured we could all use a distraction from all this virus talk that’s monopolizing our news feeds and our social media. Let’s kick back, crack a cold one or two if you wish, and enjoy some good tunes.

See you tomorrow night, 10:00 PM East, for The Meltdown’s Invasion of House Calls. http://magic109.com, find us on TuneIn Radio, or tell smart speakers “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”. I hope to see you there. I’m not Doc, but I think I’ve got the right prescription for these troubled times.

Wes’s Musical Meltdown for Tuesday, March 10; Instant Pot, Cover Comparison, And Your Requests

No themes this week…but we will have a countrified cover comparison, suggested by Alicia. We’ll also talk a bit about the adventures of the Instant Pot, we’ll have some new and classic tunes, and plenty of room for your requests. Join Alicia and I, Tuesday night at 7:00 East on Magic 109. Visit the station website, tell your smart speaker “Play magic 109 on TuneIn”, or use the TuneIn Radio app on your phone to find us.

Got something you want to hear? If it’s in the library, it’s fair game for airplay. Visit http://tunes.wesderby.net to search my library, or use the request form at http://magic109.com/request, and I’ll be happy to play the tunes you want to hear. Rock, country, pop, old, new, Christian, secular…it doesn’t matter.

See you on the radio tomorrow night!

The Meltdown Returns; DJ’s Birthday Week, Your Requests, Revamped Intro, and much More

After an unintended week off last week, Wes’s Musical Meltdown returns Tuesday at 7:00 PM East. For whatever reason, last Monday night, my body decided sleep was unnecessary, causing a colossal crash of all systems by late Tuesday afternoon. To make up for it, Alicia and I will bring you our usual brand of fun and insanity. We’ll have the cover comparison…This week, we feature a country legend going up against an actor who, until recently, I had no idea could sing. Whether he can or not will be up to you, the listeners, to decide. We’ll recap our trip to Ohio, perhaps some recent karaoke adventures, and update you on the progress of bringing the new home together.

We’ll also pay a brief tribute to late Head East guitarist Mike Somerville, whose passing was announced yesterday afternoon. The guitarist penned the Head East classic “Never Been Any Reason”, as well as many other songs for the band.

Of course, your requests help drive the show. The request page is up at http://tunes.wesderby.net. There, you can search the library and get your requests directly to me. Alternatively, you can visit http://magic109.com/request and submit your requests via the contact form.

I hope to see you there! 7:00 PM East, http://magic109.com, or tell Google and Alexa smart devices “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”. Of course, you can simply tell Siri on your i-device or HomePod “Play Magic 109”, and she’ll find us for you.

Wes’s Musical Meltdown Is Back Tuesday; Cover Comparison, Ohio Recap, and More!

It’s that time of the week again. Time for another Wes’s Musical Meltdown with myself and Alicia tomorrow night, 7:00 PM East/4:00 Pacific! I’m hoping you’ll join us for the phone. As always, we’ll have a mix of new and classic tunes for your ears…Cover Comparison…Your Requests. We’ll also discuss our recent trip to Ohio to retrieve what we could of my belongings, and to hang out with friends.

This week, regarding Cover Comparison, I can tell you the cover is definitely unique, and probably belongs in the rotation on Crappy Covers. For requests, the request page is up at http://tunes.wesderby.net. You can reach that any time the broadcasting software is up. You can, of course, still use http://magic109.com/request if for whatever reason you can’t utilize the show’s request page. As always, musically, anything goes! I hope you’ll join us for the fun!

Of course, to listen, visit http://magic109.com, find us on TuneIn or OoTunes for your smart phone, or tell smart speakers “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”. Using Siri or an Apple HomePod? Just say “Play Magic 109”, and Siri will do the rest.

Wes’s Love Meltdown For 2/11/2020; The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Valentine’s Day

Posting this a bit earlier than normal so everyone has time to prepare with their requests, dedications, and the like.

The Tuesday before Valentine’s Day, Alicia and I will do our own take on the special holiday. It’ll be a mix of happy love songs, songs about love gone wrong, and even a few for the broken-hearted and the single among us. Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, we hope you’ll join us Tuesday at 7:00 East to see what we have in store for you. Also, start getting those requests and dedications in now at http://magic109.com/request. Select my name from the drop-down, and send away. Whether you want to send your love to your sweetheart, send something to that crush who doesn’t know you exist, or give a big middle finger to that ex who broke your heart and crushed you’re spirit, if it’s love/hate related, we’ll be playing it this week.

And of course, there will be a Valentine’s-related cover comparison. Stay tuned to find out what we’re using. Some of you will love it; some of you may be horrified. Either way, it’s sure to be a good time.

I hope to see you for our special pre-valentine’s edition of The Meltdown! 7:00 East/4:00 Pacific on Magic 109. Visit http://magic109.com, find us on TuneIn Radio or OoTunes, or tell that smart speaker to play us. We’re everywhere!

Wes’s Musical Meltdown Returns For Another Great Week On Magic 109!

Get ready for another riveting edition of Wes’s Musical Meltdown on Magic 109, Tuesday at 7:00 PM East. No interviews or anything this week, but I have plenty of new and classic tunes to keep your ears happy, and I’m sure Alicia and I will find plenty of random topics to discuss. Of course, your requests are a huge part of what makes the show successful. Please get them in at http://magic109.com/request, and join us as we play them back for you.

Of course, we’ll have another Cover Comparison for you this week. Stay tuned to find out it what it is; we’re currently debating between a couple Christian groups, or a rap song done with a country twist.

Please join myself and Alicia at 7:00 PM East on magic109.com. Tell your smart speaker “Play Magic 109 from TuneIn”, or find Magic 109 on the TuneIn or OoTunes Radio apps for your smart devices.

If you ever miss an episode of the Meltdown and want to catch it, there are several ways to do it. You can subscribe to my MixCloud feed at http://www.mixcloud.com/wderby, visit wesderby.net, find “Wes’s Musical Meltdown” on several of the most popular podcasting clients, and…As Alicia and I discovered Saturday night, you can tell the Google Home “Play Wes’s Musical Meltdown from Google Podcasts”. I’ve yet to find a way to get Echo/Alexa to play the show, though I’ve been told it’s possible.

See you tomorrow night!