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House Calls, hosted by Doc, is a show that features heavy rock and metal with a focus on requests. You’ll hear great banter and colorful commentary as well. Don’t forget, you’ll even get some “Medical Education” brought to you by ‘Urban Dictionary’ too!

How to turn your girlfriend into Simba from the Lion King

If you desire answers to this and other questions, tune in to House Calls tonight at 10pm for some glorious metal, lively banter, and some overall sick shit. Doc brings it to you live every week, and this week on Medical Education we think he’s outdone himself once again. Make sure you catch it right here on Magic 109. The only station breaking your childhood, along with the radio dial!

It’s Disney Month on Medical Education!

Yes, you read the topic of this post correctly folks. It is time for Doc to ruin your childhood on Medical Education. Tonight, and every show in the month of July he will be taking your favorite Disney films, and completely ruining them with wretched filth right from Urban Dictionary. So make sure you tune in to House Calls at 10pm tonight, and every Saturday night in the month of July if you’re in the mood for some metal, rock, and Disney film depravity. Who knows, if you’re lucky, Doc might even completely ruin your childhood! Hope to see you in the operating room!

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House Calls Makes Hot Pockets, Remembers Toonhead and More!

This week is a very special edition of House Calls, and it’s all being dedicated to the late Chris Skarstad, AKA Toonhead. He was close to many on Magic 109 and will be remembered fondly by the entire team. So House Calls will be celebrating his birthday with the best of Medical Education. Doc will be featuring 3 of his best Medical Education segments during the show, along with a brand spanking new one at the end. Plus he’s got some extra disgusting, extra angry metal guaranteed to make your ears bleed, and guaranteed to make Toonhead smile down on the station. So make sure you join Doc for music you can’t understand the words to, but wouldn’t want to anyway, along with a gory good time. It’s all on Magic 109, where we break radio dials, and Doc breaks your ear drums.
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House Calls is Angry! Dragons, Rage, and More!

OK guys, Valentines day is officially over, and that means we can get back to business. Join Doc as he brings you an extra angry, extra growly, extra face melting, but endearing version of House calls this Saturday at 10pm EST. He’ll be spinning some extra heavy metal this week and aggravating your whiplash…. Also, ever wanted to turn someone into a dragon? It just might be possible, but make sure you listen for his ever popular Medical Education segment in the second hour to find out how! Get that medical malpractice insurance topped off, and tune in for some kidney harvesting and skin transplants, exclusively here on Magic 109. Do it! or you might be next.

Weird Science, Tacos, and more on House Calls! Music from the 1980s!

This week only in honor of Geno J’s birthday, Doc is practicing a new kind of medicine, and he can’t wait to try these experimental procedures out on you listeners! Tonight at 10 pm, he’ll be bringing you all kinds of music from 1980 through 1989, featuring your requests, and throwback tunes you’ll remember whether you want to or not! But fret not, he’s still the same crazy scientist you’ve all come to know and love. He’ll be featuring a special 1980s inspired Medical Education segment designed to make you laugh, gross you out, and entertain you. It’s normally pretty hard to pull Doc away from his metal, so make sure you join him tonight for the Weird Science edition of House Calls. Tonight only, and exclusively on Magic 109!

Metal, Accordions and more on House Calls!

Keep the kids out of the room for this show folks. Saturday at 10 pm Eastern is time for House Calls with Doc. He’ll have two hours of metal and rock (maybe) for you, as well as some interesting commentary and of course, in the second hour, his Medical Education segment. We’ll be filling some requests left over from last week as well as explaining what Cleveland Ohio and accordions have in common. This show is so graphically disturbing, the other presenters on the station during the day refuse to comment on it. Make sure you keep it locked on Magic 109 and keep it cranked, because The Doctor is IN! Do not miss this appointment!

You just got an appointment with Doc for House Calls

Make sure you’re tuned in this Saturday night for House Calls with Doc. This week he’ll bring you two hours of heavy metal, rock and an extra special “Medical Education” segment featuring sharks. Additionally, you might not think of French Toast the same way again, as we’ll have an extra special cooking segment live on the show for the first time ever, including a few sick extras that you won’t want to miss. Finally of course, your requests will be welcome and appreciated. Doc will start the operation promptly at 10 pm Eastern, so gown up, glove up and bend over and cough for House Calls, here on Magic109.com!

House Calls makes its debut assault on Magic 109

House Calls is a heavy metal show with a small dose of rock, and a focus on your requests. Doc brings it to you brutally for the first time this Saturday night. He’ll have lively, if not somewhat off kilter discussion, as well as a not for the faint of heart Medical Education segment in the second hour. So if you’re a metalhead, this is a mandatory doctor’s appointment. Make sure you’re in the waiting room with your gown on at 10pm EST, and Doc will begin the operation promptly. See you then!