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Inspiration, Popularity, and Love Inbetween

Join me tonight from 7pm to 10pm eastern, where I’ll play positive and uplifting songs, play Post-Valentine’s Day love songs, and count down the top nine songs for this week. Find out if there is a new number 1 artist, or if last week’s top ranker is staying strong. To tune in and get in your requests, visit www.magic109.com

Contact Info:

Twitter: “@djashleys”

Facebook Page www.facebook.com/djashleys1

Email: “ashley@magic109.com”

Positively Popular

Join me Alternative Ash while I debut a new segment called the top 9 at 9. During this segment, I will play the top nine songs in the Christian charts, while announcing the top nine for the Country, Rock, and Pop charts.

And When I’m not counting down the hits, I’ll be taking your requests. So tune into www.magic109.com on Sunday February 10 from 7-10pm eastern and also get in your requests or you can add me on twitter “@djashleys” to get your requests in that way.

Positively going crazy!

Join me, Alternative Ash tonight from 7pm to 10pm for the last night of the Yankee Candle Christmas Request-o-thon! I’ll be taking your requests either in song or doing something crazy on air, for a minimum of $1. Remember, each dollar donated will get you one entry into the drawing to win one of three Yankee Candle prize packs! The drawing will take place during The Sweet Spot which is after Positive Impact, beginning at 10pm and going until midnight Eastern. So, get your donations in to raise your chances of winning, then stay tuned to see if you won! To tune in, donate, or get your requests in early, visit https://www.magic109.com/.

Get Ready for Cult Chat Part II

You the listeners, asked for it and so, by popular demand, we’re bringing you part two of Cult Chat. Tomorrow night, join Alternative Ash and Sweet Stephanie from 10 pm to midnight Eastern. We’ll be discussing lesser known cults as well as some well-known ones. We will also be answering questions from listeners. So, if you have any questions, feel free to send them to Alternative Ash and/or Sweet Stephanie before the show. Then tune in to Magic 109. The only station breaking the radio dial for Cult Chat Part II!

Post Thanksgiving Mix and Double Seasonings

Now that we are past Thanksgiving and heading toward my favorite holiday, Christmas. I am going to do a double play of artists and include their hits as well as a Christmas song. So, go ahead and get your requests in early. You can send them via the ‘Request Form’ at https://www.magic109.com and clicking ‘Requests’ or sending a tweet to (at)DJAshleyS on Twitter!

Tomorrow’s Show Will Be Positively Delicious

Because it has been so cold lately, I have decided to warm my listeners up with soup… Alphabet Soup that is. Some time during my show, I will start the game alphabet soup and will draw the song ideas and suggestions from all genres and any message whether positive or negative. Join me tomorrow night at 7 pm Eastern and get your requests in early.

You can send them via the ‘Request’ page at magic109.com or my twitter @DJAshleyS.

Negative Impact?

Hey all,

This Sunday October 28, from 7pm to 10pm EST, I will be playing music from all genres. If you have any dedications to any of your X’s, or just a song you would like to hear that I don’t normally play on Positive Impact, feel free to send your requests in early. Or if you would like to record a short voice clip of why you are requesting the song, I could play it at the beginning of your request.

A couple of ways you can make your requests are through the request page on ashley

Negative Impact?

Hey all,

Because tonight is the fifth Sunday, Things are going to be turned around a bit and become Negative Impact. This means I’ll be playing revenge songs, breakup songs, and anything I wouldn’t normally play on Positive Impact. Get your requests and words you would like to get out to your X by sending it via the request page at magic109.com or my twitter @djashleys

Then tune in tonight from 7-10 pm EST.

Positive Impact X2 with Alternative Ash

Hey all,

tomorrow night, Sunday September 23, from 7 pm to 10 pm Eastern, I will be doing all double shots. I’ll be playing music from all genres with a positive and uplifting message. I’ll be taking requests and dedications and if you want to include how a song has encouraged you, you can share that, but please specify if you would or would not want it to be shared on air.

A couple of ways you can make your requests are through the request page or by getting in touch with me privately.