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The Meltdown Ends June With A New Feature And A Controversial Cover Comparison

June is coming to an end, and on Tuesday June 30, Wes’s Musical Meltdown will be here to rock your world with new tunes, requests, the Cover Comparison, and a new music news feature. Join me, 7:00 PM East/4:00 Pacific. Point your browser to, find Magic 109 on TuneIn, or tell smart speakers “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”. Want to hear something? No genre is off-limits. Http:// is the request page.

This week, we have new music from Eric Church, Seether, Goo Goo Dolls, Ryan Hurd, and so many more. In addition, the Cover Comparison will pit Soundgarden against Sevendust. Our own Doc, of House Calls fame, has assured me he will have comments on this one. In addition, I bring you a new music news feature to kick off the third hour. Hoping to make this a weekly feature, so we’ll see how it goes.

Join me for the fun tomorrow night, and every Tuesday, 7:00 PM East/4:00 PM Pacific on Magic 109.

Shout it loud with Power and Praise!

Greetings, longtime and hopefully new listeners! I will be bringing you a new episode of Power and Praise tomorrow afternoon on Magic 109. The show runs from 4:00-7:00 PM Eastern, which is 1:00-4:00 PM Pacific. I play an eclectic mix of Christian music: contemporary, praise and worship, as well as Christian rock, rap, and metal.

I’ll be bringing my featured Scripture and artist back during my first show in July. However, for tomorrow, Power and Praise gets loud. Basically the emphasis is on saying/shouting it loud, whether that’s our worship, our witness, or our words…in this case, meaning our music. The result of this theme is that most of the show will be up-tempo music, with quite a bit of Christian rock. Yes, I’ll have plenty of praise and worship in there too, and even some
country/gospel. Tune in and be prepared to dance, sing, rock, shout, and say it loud!

Here are the ways you can listen! You can go to:
You can tell your smart speaker (such as your Amazon Echo or Google Home) to “Play Magic 109 from TuneIn.” Finally, you can download the TuneIn Radio app on your smartphone, and tell your phone to play Magic 109.

I always enjoy it when listeners make requests! You can submit your song requests by going to:
This will allow you to search my music library to see if I have the song you want. IF I don’t, let me know and I’ll try to get it for next week’s show.

I also take your prayer requests for the segment of the show called “Prayer on Air,” where I pray for our world, our country, and any other requests I get. Don’t worry, I won’t give out any confidential details you don’t want spoken on-air. You can get both song and prayer requests to me in several ways. You can tweet me at
aliciap716. You can also send me a private message via Facebook. Finally, you can email me at the following address:

Whether you’re able to tune in tomorrow afternoon or not, I’d appreciate your prayers for me, for the show, and that God uses it to reach and speak to as many people as possible.

If you can’t tune in live, you can hear the show later in two ways. I’ve created my own MixClloud account where I’ll post the show. That link is:

My partner Wes Derby is also graciously hosting my podcasts along with his own at:

I hope to see you all tomorrow afternoon, 4:00-7:00 PM Eastern, 1:00-4:00 PM Pacific, for Power and Praise, where we celebrate the power of God and praise Him for it!

A Double Dose Of The Meltdown Comes to Magic 109 This Week

It’s almost Tuesday, and you know what that means. Wes Derby will be back with you for another weekly edition of Wes’s Musical Meltdown. Not only that, but he’ll be with you Friday as well, filling in for The Rock Vault. Join him tomorrow from 7:00-10:00 PM East/4:00-7:00 Pacific, and on Friday from noon-3:00 East/9:00-noon Pacific. Visit for listen links, ask smart speakers to “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”, or find Magic 109 on the TuneIn app for your smart device.

Want to hear something on the show? Visit to search the library and get your requests in. Tuesday will be the usual mix, and cover comparison will feature Norman Greenbaum going up against The Kentucky Headhunters. Friday will be a rock show. Rock of all forms welcome. New, old, heavy, light. It’ll all be played.

If you ever miss a Meltdown, follow Wes’s MixCloud at, or if you prefer tunes without chatter, find Wes Derby on Spotify, where he’s taken to putting up playlists of what’s been played that week. Interact with the show by finding Wes’s contact info on the Magic 109 website. Occasionally, he will also bring listeners and other presenters on via TeamTalk. Message the DJ if you wish to participate that way.

See you on the radio. Keep it cranked, and keep it locked on Magic 109.

inspecting a particular vault this week on The Crazy 80’s Vault.

it’s the start of another work week, witch means another adition of the Crazy 80’s Vault on Magic 109. it seems like this week there is only one day we will be in the 80’s here in Lansing, Michigan, so while we will play all 80’s, we will focus on one year. What year is that? Well, thank mother nature because we will be inspecting vault 1984. Make sure to bring your requests, and your big loud speakers, and lets have fun in vault 1984 during the Crazy 80’s Vault.

Contact Details:

Request Page:

Twitter: (at)jichaman1974

Email: jamminjerry(at)magic109(dot)com

I hope to see you all there.

I can’t wait to go back in time with the Crazy 80’s Vault with JamminJerry

Come Monday, it will be alright!

We could hope that it won’t be another Manic Sunday. If it is, I will be going back in time! Maybe we could just blame it on the rain? What ever we do, maybe we should just eat it.

Tune in tomorrow for another round of Crazy 80s Vault from 12 to 3PM Eastern and see what I have in store for you this week or maybe someone could remind me what decade I’m suppose to be doing!

Contact Details:

Request Page:

Twitter: (at)jichaman1974

Email: jamminjerry(at)magic109(dot)com

I hope to see you all there.

Yoyos for our listeners tomorrow during JamminJerry’s Crazy 80’s Vault

What does the weather, and the 80’s have in commen? The fact that yoyo’s seem to be all over the place! We have seen so many yoyo’s that we are going to try to give you some yoyos during this weeks version of the Crazy 80’s vault! A fast song, then a slow one. a loud one, then a soft one, one from 1980 then one from 1989, and you can help with creating yoyos too with your requests. Join us for three hours of yoyos, great music, the backwards song of the day, spitball nuggets of facts, and so much more. All of this fun starts on Monday at 12:00 PM eastern time

Come add to the yoyos and keep this host on his toes! All you have to do is tell whatever smart device you have to play Magic 109 and crank up the speakers!

Contact Details:

Request Page:

Twitter: (at)jichaman1974

Email: jamminjerry(at)magic109(dot)com

I hope to see you all there.

A Cinco De Mayo Meltdown This Week: You Supply Your own Food and Booze, I Supply The Tunes

Welcome to May. It’s supposed to be spring, but for many, it feels like fall as the temps go up, then down. Whatever your Cinco De Mayo, or normal Tuesday night, activities may be, let me supply the tunes. Of course, as always, your requests are welcome. The request page is back up at As always, anything goes.

Come join me, and most likely Alicia as well, for the show starting tomorrow night, 7:00 PM East. Visit for listen links. Tell the smart speaker “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”, or find Magic 109 on the TuneIn Radio app for your smart device.

If you ever miss an episode, feel free to check and, usually the day after the show…Okay, sometimes, it takes a couple days. Feel free to add me on social media as well.




See you on the radio tomorrow, provided no complications arise as they have the last couple weeks.

Mondays are just not the same without the Crazy 80’s Vault with JamminJerry

Monday! Monday! Monday! Yes, it’s another Monday and that means it’s time for the Crazy 80’s Vault from 12 to 3PM Eastern!

Lets see if this week I can get you to put those thinking caps on during the second hour for the Backwards Song of the Day.

Come add to the madness and keep this host on his toes! All you have to do is tell whatever smart device you have to play Magic 109 and crank up the speakers!

Contact Details:

Request Page:

Twitter: (at)jichaman1974

Email: jamminjerry(at)magic109(dot)com

I hope to see you all there.

Mutt Madness

Are you a dog lover? Chances are, you are and we thought “Why not show it off?” Throughout the month of March, we had you vote for our presenter’s dogs and the votes are in and as you can see we have a winner!

Emmit has been crowned our Magic 1OK9 Mascot for 2020 and has been featured on our website as well as plastered in a few station drops you may hear throughout the year! Congratulations to all the contenders and here’s to a great year!

Results (179 votes total!)

  1. Emmit (65% with 116 votes!)
  2. Leo (25% with 45 votes!)
  3. Holly (8% with 15 votes!)
  4. Ella (2% with 3 votes!)

Springmay be a little late this year, but Annie’s Warm Wonderland is Johnny On The Spot!

This week on "Annie’s Warm Wonderland" we’ll start out with some sacred Christian music to continue the Easter celebration. We’ll play some oldies, and a few show tunes to keep you in the spirit of spring!

Then, starting next hour, it’s Johnny on the spot! This means, every song will either have Johnny in the artist, title, or reference the name.

Remember when the devil went down to Georgia to compete with Johnny, the best fiddle player that’s ever been?

Johnny Cash and Johnny Paycheck may make an appearance too!

And what a grand celebration it will be when Johnny comes marching home!

Come join the fun tomorrow, Wednesday at 6:00 PM EST. and listen here:, or tell your smartspeaker "Play magic 109 from tune-in."

Send me your requests and/or dedications at:www.magic1