Country Chaos is partying early

Hey! Guess what? We’re partying a week early. Happy 4th, Canada Day and everything else from Country Chaos!


The world is falling apart out there so I feel like partying and taking you along with me. I hope that’s ok? I got some drinking songs, food songs and well I have no idea what else I threw in here, but we’ll have fun anyways!


I managed to survive 2 weeks in a row with no rotten tomatoes thrown at me. Yay, I’m on a roll! Shall we try for three?


This weeks song was released in 2006 and from what I can tell, there’s actually not that many covers of this song. Hmm, guess it’s not very popular then, lol. Ah well, lets see what you think. The original is on the album Continuum.


Comments and feedback
Your comments and feedback are all greatly appreciated. It lets me know how terrible, hahaha, I mean how great the show is for all of you. Remember if you are listening to the archive version of the show your comments and feedback are still welcome!

To hear the show just tell one of those many smart devices to play Magic 109 on Tune-in and I look forward to bring you 3 hours of chaotic fun.!


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