The Meltdown Breaks Into The Rock Vault This Friday: Wes Derby In For Brice

Photo of Wes Derby
Wes Derby on hisparents’ couch, Thanksgiving Day, on a visit to Arizona.

It’s nearly Friday. What better way to kick off your weekend than with The Rock Vault! This week, Brice is away, so Wes is stepping in, and you never know what might happen. Join the fun, starting at noon east/9:00 AM Pacific for three hours of speaker-blowing rock to get your work week finished, and your weekend started, on the right note. Visit Wes’s request page to let him know what you want to hear. Then, visit the Magic 109 homepage for listen and contact links. Alternately, you can tell smart speakers “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”, or find Magic 109 on the TuneIn Radio App for your smart phone.


There will be a brief artist feature on Def Leppard, highlighting early and live work that you don’t often hear on radio. As for the rest of the show, all forms of rock are welcome. Southern, hard rock, metal, Christian rock, alternative, classic rock, pop-rock, country-rock. Make your requests, or he’ll gladly pick all the music with which to fill your ears!


See you in the Rock Vault. Please don’t steal any of the diamonds, cash, or jewels as a souvenir; pockets will be checked upon departure.