Happy Father’s Day from Country Chaos

Good hot hot day Country Chaos fans!


It’s that time once again that I come to speakers near you with all sorts of chaotic country tunes. Are you ready for that?


Tomorrow it’s time to honor all those father figures out there. What country song do you wish for your father to hear? What song send out a message that you think they should pay attention too? No matter the song it will be played as long as it’s country. Old, new and the where the heck did that come from pile!


Speaking of where the heck did that come from. In hour number 2 not only do i have the “have you heard” song, but it will be a triple dose of the artist! That’s right, I will be playing 3 songs that I fill you just have to hear. No worries no rules are being broken either, lol.


Now for that song for the week. This week the song you will need to vote on if you like it or wish to throw things at me was recorded in November of 1964, but not released until January 1965. It is definitely a popular song. It was inspired by a sign that was on the side of a barn. The song was covered by a whole list of people, but one name is not listed and that’s what you’ll hear tomorrow. So, be sure to tune in and see who and what it is!


Comments and feedback
Your comments and feedback are all greatly appreciated. It lets me know how terrible, hahaha, I mean how great the show is for all of you. Remember if you are listening to the archive version of the show your comments and feedback are still welcome!


To hear the show just tell one of those many smart devices to play Magic 109 on Tune-in and I look forward to bring you 3 hours of chaotic fun.!


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