It’s All About The 90s Inside The Retro Arcade

Are you feeling overwhelmed by too much information?  Has all the together time with loved ones made you feel just a little bit crazy?   If the answer is Yes, Give yourself a break from all the talk soup and join Z Man tomorrow (Friday, June 12) inside The Retro Arcade from 6 pm to 9 pm ET on Magic 109.   It is all about the 90s this week, from rock, pop, alternative, dance, and comedy big hits to forgotten favorites, including REM, Sophie B Hawkins, and Lita Ford, But, that’s not all.   He’ll share a few college radio mishaps, trivia, your 90s requests, a little 90s TV talk, and whatever else pops out of his head.  So if all the Animaniacs running around make you feel like you want to lock yourself in a water tower.  We have a better idea, Get together with some friends and head back to the 90s with Z Man  inside The Retro Arcade  tomorrow (Friday, June 12) from 6 pm to 9 pm ET right after The Rockin’ Pop Party with Geno J on Magic 109 The ONLY station breaking the radio dial

and listening is easier than putting quarters in an arcade game, just ask your  Alexa, Google Home, or SIRI enabled smart device to play magic 109 on Tune in. You can also go to our ‘Listen’ page or ‘Now Playing’ widget at and find the links to tune in with your favorite media player or mobile device!

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