Country Chaos flight 1400 is preparing for take off

Calling all passenger for flight 1400 bound for Country Chaos! This flight is still scheduled to depart the gate on time, Saturday afternoon 2PM Eastern. Please make sure to have your passports or real ID’s ready when bording the plane. It plans to be a 3 hour adventure you don’t want to miss.

In the first hour of your tour we come across Connecticut who’s state song baffles your pilot. Maybe too many air bubbles were lost, but how did they come up with their State song. Really? A popular Dooddle for their State song? Anyways, onward!

What do you think?
Uh oh! hour 2 of your trip will be a screamer! Please warn all small children. The “have you heard” song this week made a 17 month old cry when it was played!

As always I look forward to your request so whatever may be in your mind and you wish to hear get them over to me! What adventure would you love to add to the journey this week?

To hear the show just tell one of those many smart devices to play Magic 109 on Tune-in and I look forward to bring you 3 hours of chaotic fun.!

Contact me:
Email: mayflower(at)magic109(dot)com
Twitter: (at)canadianlynx1
Request page: and be sure to choose mayflower as the presenter