The Rock Vault Gives A Shout-Out to God!

Hey everyone, so this Friday on The Rock Vault I have decided to do an all Christian format. I feel that not only is it what God would want but I think we are in a time where we really need to be praying for peace, wisdom, and guidance. I also think it is important for us to give thanks and praise for the blessings given to us because they are indeed there. I would like to invite anyone who’d like to please join me as we pray and enjoy some great tunes along the way. If you would like you can send a voice note to brice(at) I will hopefully be able to get them. I do ask to keep them somewhat brief as I would like to give everyone a chance to speak if they’d like one. If you want to send messages they are welcome as well and if you’d like to keep it private, God already knows what it is and what you need. You can listen to the show on TuneIn Radio, vir direct link on our website, and by asking your smart speaker to play Magic 109 on TuneIn. The show begins tomorrow at 12 Pm eastern time on Magic 109. I would like to extend a big thank you to all of my friends in God Squad for inspiring me to do this even though they may not now it…

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Email: brice(at)

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