Join ‘The End of the World Party’ inside The Retro Arcade!

Riots in the streets, a pandemic destroying humanity as we know it, civil discourse, dogs and cats living together, and the cubs winning the World Series in 2017. Based on this new evidence, we know that the Myans got it wrong in 2012 and we are now experiencing the end of the world. So? in honor of this occasion, you are invited to join Z-Man for an “End of the World Party” tomorrow (Friday, June 5th, 2020) inside The Retro Arcade from 6 to 9 pm Eastern on! Great music for humanity’s downfall from the ’60s through the ’90s including Nena, Europe, XTC, and Johnny Cash. In fact, you’ll be so busy singing along to songs about Nuclear war caused by someone mistaking red balloons for ICBM’s and Alien invasions, answering trivia, and enjoying a little apocalyptic humor, you won’t notice when Captain Trips pays a visit, With that said, before you bolt the doors and windows to stop the zombies, (don’t bother, it never works) take a break from doomsday preparations and join Z-Man inside The Retro Arcade for “The End Of The World Party” from 6 to 9 pm Eastern, right after The Rockin’ Pop Party with Geno J on Magic 109, the only station breaking the radio dial!

Contact Details
Twitter: @dj_zman
Facebook: The Retro Arcade Live
Instagram: @zmanexpress
Email: zman(at)magic109(dot)com