country chaos wishes you a happy memorial day! Is it summer yet?

Happy Memorial Day from Country Chaos! Let’s have 3 hours of summer country fun. I have to say I have one strange line up for you tomorrow from 2 to 5PM Eastern! Blame my fellow presenters, mahahahahahahah, it’s all their fault for saying I play strange songs!

Summer is close, so open those windows and prob open those doors and blast your speakers! Oh yes, I guess don’t forget the food and drinks either.

What do you think?
So, the “have you heard” for this week was originally written in 1988-89, was done again in 1990-91 and was banned for a short time. What song do you think it will be? I have to say I still have no idea which version I will play. There’s one I really like and then one that’s just so so. Oh choices, choices!

As always I look forward to your request so whatever may be in your mind and you wish to hear get them over to me! What is your favorite summer song? what is your favorite summer memory? Whatever you wish to share is open for all to hear.

Remember to hear the show just tell one of those many smart devices to play Magic 109 on Tune-in!

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Email: mayflower(at)magic109(dot)com
Twitter: (at)canadianlynx1
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