Grab your family and friends and lets have some fun Country Chaos style

Whew, times are tough and there seems to be no end in sight of this madness. You’re probably ready to throw things, climb walls and who knows what else. I know I am! So how about you just grab those friends of yours and whatever family members you can and lets have 3 hours of chaos, country style, tomorrow from 2 to 5pm Eastern! Are you ready?

Wow, what is your guess?
The “have you heard” song for this week was written in August 1976 and one of the artist is Johnny Cash, but not the one I’m going to play. It’s one you all know and love I’m sure. I do have to say it was hard deciding which version of the song to play, but tune in for hour 2 and find out what it shall be!

As always I look forward to your request so whatever may be in your mind and you wish to hear get them over to me!

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Email: mayflower(at)magic109(dot)com
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