Yoyos for our listeners tomorrow during JamminJerry’s Crazy 80’s Vault

What does the weather, and the 80’s have in commen? The fact that yoyo’s seem to be all over the place! We have seen so many yoyo’s that we are going to try to give you some yoyos during this weeks version of the Crazy 80’s vault! A fast song, then a slow one. a loud one, then a soft one, one from 1980 then one from 1989, and you can help with creating yoyos too with your requests. Join us for three hours of yoyos, great music, the backwards song of the day, spitball nuggets of facts, and so much more. All of this fun starts on Monday at 12:00 PM eastern time

Come add to the yoyos and keep this host on his toes! All you have to do is tell whatever smart device you have to play Magic 109 and crank up the speakers!

Contact Details:

Request Page: http://www.jjhof.com/vault

Twitter: (at)jichaman1974

Email: jamminjerry(at)magic109(dot)com

I hope to see you all there.