It’s a Meltdown In The Rock Vault As Wes Derby Fills In For Brice This Week!

On this week’s Rock Vault, Brice will be away, so Wes Derby’s gonna play! Join me at noon East/900 AM Pacific Friday as I attempt to do the show justice. No features, but we’ll have lots of great rock from yesterday and today. There’ll be some party tunes to get you ready for the weekend, some new stuff you may not have heard yet, some forgotten gems that may take you back to another time and place, possibly even some Christian rock, and of course, your requests are welcome.

Feel free to use the form at or fill out the email submission at, and if it’s rock/hard rock/metal/classic rock, I’ll play it for you. If it doesn’t fall under the rock umbrella, the request will be held over for Tuesday night’s regular time.

To catch the show, visit, find Magic 109 on TuneIn Radio for your smart phone, or tell that Alexa or Google Assistant “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”. Hope to see you there; the vault will open promptly at noon, and I’ll be gone with the valuables by 3:00 East!