The Meltdown Takes Over House Calls At 10:00 PM East Saturday; Let’s Have a Virtual Party

Spring has arrived…And thanks to the COVID-19 Virus, we’re all basically stuck in our homes. Whether you’re enjoying the quarantine, or hating it like many of us, we’re all doing our part. But, just because we’re not able to go out and have fun with friends in the community doesn’t mean we can’t have a house party of our own. You bring your own drink and food of choice, Alicia and I will supply the tunes to keep you going for a few hours Saturday Night.

Thanks to seizure issues, I’ve been off the air since midway through my March 10 show, and I’m wanting to get back on and play some tunes for the Magic listeners. So, instead of waiting until next Tuesday, The Meltdown will take over the slot normally held by House Calls with Doc. We’ll start at 10:00 PM East, and go for two or three hours of musical goodness. Of course, your requests will help the direction of this little virtual party. Get them in by searching the library at before and during the show, or submit the request form available at, find my name in the drop-down, and your request will be emailed to me. If you’re new to the Meltdown, there are no rules. I don’t care if it’s country, rock, Christian, secular, old, new, pop, metal, jazz…If it’s in the library, it’s fair game on this show.

Of course, I intend to be back to my normal schedule Tuesday night…But I figured we could all use a distraction from all this virus talk that’s monopolizing our news feeds and our social media. Let’s kick back, crack a cold one or two if you wish, and enjoy some good tunes.

See you tomorrow night, 10:00 PM East, for The Meltdown’s Invasion of House Calls., find us on TuneIn Radio, or tell smart speakers “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”. I hope to see you there. I’m not Doc, but I think I’ve got the right prescription for these troubled times.