Wes’s Musical Meltdown for Tuesday, March 10; Instant Pot, Cover Comparison, And Your Requests

No themes this week…but we will have a countrified cover comparison, suggested by Alicia. We’ll also talk a bit about the adventures of the Instant Pot, we’ll have some new and classic tunes, and plenty of room for your requests. Join Alicia and I, Tuesday night at 7:00 East on Magic 109. Visit the station website, tell your smart speaker “Play magic 109 on TuneIn”, or use the TuneIn Radio app on your phone to find us.

Got something you want to hear? If it’s in the library, it’s fair game for airplay. Visit http://tunes.wesderby.net to search my library, or use the request form at http://magic109.com/request, and I’ll be happy to play the tunes you want to hear. Rock, country, pop, old, new, Christian, secular…it doesn’t matter.

See you on the radio tomorrow night!