The Meltdown Returns; DJ’s Birthday Week, Your Requests, Revamped Intro, and much More

After an unintended week off last week, Wes’s Musical Meltdown returns Tuesday at 7:00 PM East. For whatever reason, last Monday night, my body decided sleep was unnecessary, causing a colossal crash of all systems by late Tuesday afternoon. To make up for it, Alicia and I will bring you our usual brand of fun and insanity. We’ll have the cover comparison…This week, we feature a country legend going up against an actor who, until recently, I had no idea could sing. Whether he can or not will be up to you, the listeners, to decide. We’ll recap our trip to Ohio, perhaps some recent karaoke adventures, and update you on the progress of bringing the new home together.

We’ll also pay a brief tribute to late Head East guitarist Mike Somerville, whose passing was announced yesterday afternoon. The guitarist penned the Head East classic “Never Been Any Reason”, as well as many other songs for the band.

Of course, your requests help drive the show. The request page is up at There, you can search the library and get your requests directly to me. Alternatively, you can visit and submit your requests via the contact form.

I hope to see you there! 7:00 PM East,, or tell Google and Alexa smart devices “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”. Of course, you can simply tell Siri on your i-device or HomePod “Play Magic 109”, and she’ll find us for you.