Wes’s Musical Meltdown Is Back Tuesday; Cover Comparison, Ohio Recap, and More!

It’s that time of the week again. Time for another Wes’s Musical Meltdown with myself and Alicia tomorrow night, 7:00 PM East/4:00 Pacific! I’m hoping you’ll join us for the phone. As always, we’ll have a mix of new and classic tunes for your ears…Cover Comparison…Your Requests. We’ll also discuss our recent trip to Ohio to retrieve what we could of my belongings, and to hang out with friends.

This week, regarding Cover Comparison, I can tell you the cover is definitely unique, and probably belongs in the rotation on Crappy Covers. For requests, the request page is up at http://tunes.wesderby.net. You can reach that any time the broadcasting software is up. You can, of course, still use http://magic109.com/request if for whatever reason you can’t utilize the show’s request page. As always, musically, anything goes! I hope you’ll join us for the fun!

Of course, to listen, visit http://magic109.com, find us on TuneIn or OoTunes for your smart phone, or tell smart speakers “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”. Using Siri or an Apple HomePod? Just say “Play Magic 109”, and Siri will do the rest.