This Week On Wes’s Musical Meltdown: Books And Music Collide! Author Interview, Grammys, More

The headline pretty much says it all! This week on Wes’s Musical Meltdown, Alicia and I have a jam-packed show for you. In the first hour, we’ll feature a mix of tunes, a 3-way Cover Comparison, and your requests. Get them to us via the Magic 109 Request Page.

In the second hour, we’ll have an interview with our friend and self-published author Jo Elizabeth (J.E.) Pinto. She’ll talk about her two books, The Bright Side of Darkness and Daddy Won’t Let Mom Drive the car. She also gave us a 6—pack of songs she feels the main characters in Bright Side might have listened to during the era in which the book takes place.

During the third hour, as the 62nd annual Grammy Awards were handed out this past Sunday, we’ll do a brief feature and play some of the songs/artists that won awards. Of course, there’s no way we’ll get to all the winners, but we’ll do a brief selection of the best and most notable winners from rock, pop, country, album of the year, record of the year, and so on. So, there will not, unless we have time after the Grammy spotlight, be much time for requests outside the third hour. I apologize in advance, but hope you’ll enjoy the show regardless. The first hour, up until Cover Comparison, will be filled with requests if you have them. That, I can promise you.

As a heads-up, we will do a love and anti-love songs show on February 11, the Tuesday before Valentine’s Day, so get your requests and dedications ready for that one…Dedications for your current love, hate for the ex, something in between…We’ll take it all!

BTW, if you’d like to read the books from our featured author on tomorrow’s show, you can get Bright Side of Darkness at

You can obtain Daddy Won’t Let Mom Drive the Car at

I look forward to having you join us tomorrow night. Visit for listen links, tell Alexa or Google Home “Play Magic 109 From TuneIn”, or find Magic 109 on the TuneIn Radio app for your phone or tablet!