Introducing Wes’s Musical Meltdown; Making My Magic Debut on 1/14/20

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. I’m pleased to join the Magic 109 team, and am thrilled to be debuting Wes’s Musical Meltdown on Magic 109 on January 14, 2020 at 7:00 PM East. I’ve been involved in internet radio in some form since August of 2009, and have hosted The Meltdown on a few different stations over the years.

Thanks first to listeners who have followed me as the show has moved. Thanks also to those of you planning to check the show out for the first time.

For those wondering, the show has no particular format as far as genre is concerned. You’ll hear everything from Casting Crowns and Third Day to Merle Haggard and Metallica, and everything in between. There will be comedy, serious stuff, rock, country, Christian, secular. Yes, there will be adult content. You have been warned!

Of course, your requests are always welcome. Feel free to use the request form on the home page, and if I have it, I’ll play it. If I don’t, I’ll do my best to get it for a future show and to play something equally awesome to satisfy your musical cravings. I encourage listeners to interact with me via social media, requests, email, and eventually, we’ll incorporate voice chat into the show. You’re encouraged to vote in our Cover Comparison. I don’t reveal what songs/artists will be featured on the segment in advance as I want you to listen to the songs and give your objective opinions.

If you wish to find me, Twitter is wwesderby. On Facebook, just search for me by name. I do not maintain separate social media accounts for the show, so by following/friending me, you’ll gain insight into my personal, professional, and DJ life. Enter at your own risk.

In addition to myself, the show will often feature Alicia, my significant other, as a co-host. I know you will all love her as much as I do.

If you have any questions about the show, feel free to reach out to me at wes (at) magic109 dot com, and I’ll get back to you. Or, just tune in, enjoy the ride, and let me know what you think.

Some material on the program may not be suitable for younger/easily offended audiences.