We’re Positive You’ll Have A Sweet Time When We Worship Out Loud!

Hey everyone, Brice will be filling in tonight for Alternative Ash and Sweet Stephanie to bring you something special he’d like to call Worship Out Loud. This show will feature all things from the holy realm of rock including metal! This headbangin’ party doesn’t happen without guests which is where you all come in. We encourage you to interact throughout the show with your thoughts, stories, requests, and your prayer requests and praise reports as well. Join Brice in this celebration of our lord as we crank those amps up to 11 and as the title states, Worship Out Loud! The fun starts at 8 Pm eastern only on Magic 109! We look forward to seeing you all there!

Contact Details
Facebook: (at)rockoutloud11
Twitter: (at)rockoutloud11
Email: brice(at)magic109.com

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