Runningbacks, Linebackers, and even Arm Chair Quarterbacks can hang out in The Retro Arcade

Hi, It’s Zman! I’m back after enjoying a nice Labor Day weekend with Jenn and winding up in the dog house at least six times. I’m back and ready to take you back in time, Friday night from 9 pm to midnight Eastern on The Retro Arcade on I’ll have great music from before the year 2000, a lot of your favorites and of course plenty of rare tracks, take your requests, and trivia. In the third hour, I’ll have some football and baseball-related comedy as we celebrate the start of Football, but saddened by the end of baseball. We’ll have A little music to wind down with in this weeks RetroSpecttive, and you’ll get to figure out what these artists have In common, talk about Labor Day family reunions, and whatever else pops into my head. So? Join me as we head back to when Intellivision let you make the call, you actually watched “The Hiedi Game” and if you had to use the restroom, you waited for the commercial break or you missed that big play of the week on The Retro Arcade, Friday night at 9 pm Eastern, right after Liz’s World of Music, exclusively on Magic 109, the station breaking the radio dail!