Teachers, Students, and Even the Principle can Hang Out in The Retro Arcade

Hello, Zman here, inviting you to hop into the way back machine and join me as we take a journey into the past on The Retro Arcade, Friday night from 9 pm to midnight Eastern time on https://www.magic109.com/. This week, I’ll be playing music from the 70s 80s and 90s, including rock, pop, alternative, country and dance. I’ll be taking you back to school in this week’s RetroSpective. I’ll also share some back to school stories from back in my day, quiz you with some trivia, a “Where are they now?” on Terri Gibbs who is best remembered for her debut single “Somebody’s Knockin”, take your requests, and talk about anything else that pops into my head. So, whether you are the Head of the Class, like Screech from ‘Saved by The Bell’, or in Saturday detention with The Breakfast Club. you are all invited to hang out in The Retro Arcade, tomorrow night (Friday) from 9 pm to midnight Eastern, right after Liz’s World of Music, exclusively on Magic 109, the station breaking the radio dial!

P.S. No hall pass required if you are late.