We’re having ‘Alphabet Soup’ in The Retro Arcade

Hello, It’s Zman, inviting you to join me inside The Retro Arcade, Friday from 9 pm to midnight Eastern on https://www.magic109.com/. You get to pick the songs as we will be playing “Alphabet Soup” this week. If you have played before, you know how much fun it is. if you have not played before, you are in for some fun. Listen throughout the day Friday and at the beginning of the show to learn how ‘Alphabet Soup’ works. Plus, you’re chance to qualify for Magic 109’s 1-Year Anniversary festivities on August 24th and possibly win some great prizes. So, let’s have a game night and have some fun with ‘Alphabet Soup’ on The Retro Arcade, Friday night at 9 pm Eastern on Magic 109, the only station breaking the radio dial!