Starting August with the 80s on The Retro Arcade

It’s Zman here, inviting you to join me inside The Retro Arcade, Friday from 9 pm to midnight Eastern on This week, we’re going to head into the first weekend of August with an all 80s edition. I’ll have 80s rock, pop, dance, alternative, country, and more. In this week’s RetroSpective, we’ll celebrate MTV’s 38th birthday which was on August 1st, by playing a few of the songs that were banned or censored by MTV. I’ll also have trivia, 80s toys that seemed to have no purpose but were a lot of fun, your requests and a whole lot more! So, join me as we remember when you knew at least one friend who still listened to 8 track tapes in their car and the town you grew up in got 12 cable channels and that seemed like a lot inside The Retro Arcade, Friday 9 pm to midnight Eastern on Magic 109, the station breaking the radio dial!