Cover Me, I’m Going In! It’s Covers On The Rock Vault!

Hey folks, Brice here. It’s time for another edition of The Rock Vault. I’ve decided to bring you something different. This week I’ll be bringing you some awesome covers that won’t make you run in fear. I’ve also got an Artist Spotlight with a twist. Because of the out come of last week’s cover comparison on The Rockin’ Pop Party in which Twent One Pilots one. COngrats to those who voted for them, I’ve decided to give all the fans of Leo Moracchioli a little time time in the sun as well. I’ve selected some of the weirdest covers I think Leo has done. It’s going to be fun.

Tune in to magic 109 today at Noon Eastern and check out all the fun on The Rock Vault. Be sure to keep it locked in for a full day of great programming. See you there!

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