Hits and Misses on The Retro Arcade

Hi It’s Zman! I’d like to invite you to join me inside The Retro Arcade, Friday from 9 pm to midnight Eastern on https://www.magic109.com as I take you on a musical trip back in time to before the year 2000! I’ll have rock, pop, dance, new wave, alternative and a whole lot more. I’ll be featuring the ‘other songs’ by ‘one-hit-wonders’ in this week’s RetroSpective. We all know their one hit, but most of them had other songs that for whatever reason never became hits and I’ll have some of those other songs by one-hit-wonder artists in this weeks Retrospective during the second hour. Plus, I’ll take your requests. give you a “What are they up to now” update, a “being creative with furniture” story, the ‘TV Guide’ and whatever else pops into my head. So, get the gang together, grab some snacks and let’s go back in time to when the shopping mall was the place to hang out, there was a roller rink within twenty minutes of most homes and the ‘TV Guide’ was required reading on The Retro Arcade, Friday night at 9 pm Eastern, exclusively on Magic 109, the station breaking the radio dial!