House Calls Makes Hot Pockets, Remembers Toonhead and More!

This week is a very special edition of House Calls, and it’s all being dedicated to the late Chris Skarstad, AKA Toonhead. He was close to many on Magic 109 and will be remembered fondly by the entire team. So House Calls will be celebrating his birthday with the best of Medical Education. Doc will be featuring 3 of his best Medical Education segments during the show, along with a brand spanking new one at the end. Plus he’s got some extra disgusting, extra angry metal guaranteed to make your ears bleed, and guaranteed to make Toonhead smile down on the station. So make sure you join Doc for music you can’t understand the words to, but wouldn’t want to anyway, along with a gory good time. It’s all on Magic 109, where we break radio dials, and Doc breaks your ear drums.
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