Throw in some artists in the pot and Mix It Up! with the one and only…DJ Sassy

Hello everyone! The 80s show was a big success the last 2 weeks. This week, I will bring you back some great ol’ tunes for my mix show. You’ll probably hear some Blondie, Jimmy Buffett, The Cranberries, Sammy Davis Jr. & a lot more! You can send in any requests you like either to my email: or our request page on our website but look for my name, DJ Sassy or Twitter: mixitupdjsassy (don’t forget to follow me on there) I have a Facebook page that you guys can follow me on but I don’t accept requests through there. Make sure to like it and check it out! I will see you guys tonight from 6-8pm EST. I’m DJ Sassy….and I’m outta here!!