Let’s go “back to the future” of the 1980s!

Your favourite films, Weird Science, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Shining & a lot more! Now your favourite songs, Blinded Me with Science, I Ran, Maniac Monday & a lot more! That’s right guys, I’m doing an 80’s show tonight here at Mix It Up! 80’s Edition with DJ Sassy. I was born in the late 1980’s so I don’t remember anything back then but I love the music. You’ll learn some interesting facts about music in the 80s, maybe even bring up about some old toys that you guys grew up playing with. If you guys have any requests that you’d like to send in to me, you can reach me at djsassy@magic109.com or our request form on our website and make sure to look for my name, DJ Sassy, or Twitter: mixitupdjsassy

I’ll see you guys around supper time, 6-8pm EST. I’m DJ Sassy…and I’m outta here!