There is A Place With No Beer Find Out More Here On The Retro Arcade

Hello again! I’m Zman, inviting you to grab your shamrock shake, order some corned beef and cabbage and join me inside The Retro Arcade, Friday (tomorrow) from 9 pm to midnight Eastern time on This week, I’ll be focusing on the ’60s, the ’70s and early ’80s! In The RetroSpctive, I’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by playing an hour of fun drinking songs by the likes of Ray Stephens, George Thorogood, Tom T Hall, Krypton and more. I’ll also take your requests, tell some tall tales and have a lot of fun! So, pull up a blarney stone, get a bowl of Lucky Charms, a mug of green beer and let’s enjoy some great music and a good time with some great friends on The Retro Arcade, starting at 9 pm Eastern on Magic 109, the station breaking the radio dial!