“It’s Show time!”

Well you see the title, it is show time today on Mix It Up! with DJ Sassy, (I used that quote from Beetlejuice). It’s that time again folks. Catch me tonight at 6-8pm EST and feel free to send in your requests. I’ll be playing your favourite decades from the 50s-90s. I may throw in some of the music from 2000-present. You will probably hear Heart, Journey and a whole lot more! I will be discussing about my future event for March, make sure to stay tuned for that. To send in requests, you can use our request form on our website and look for my name, DJ Sassy. You can email as well at djsassy@magic109.com or Twitter: mixitupdjsassy Don’t forget to check & liked my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/djsassy87/

I hope to see you all tonight because it’s gonna be a fun show for you guys tonight! I’m DJ Sassy…and I’m outta here!!!