Breaking out of the Winter Blues on The Retro Arcade

Hello, Zman here, inviting you to join me Friday (tomorrow) inside The Retro Arcade from 9 pm to midnight Eastern time here on I think most of us are ready for the cold weather to end and to be able to get out of the house. The winter blues affect many of us and music can be a big help as we wait for the arrival of warmer weather. So, on this weeks show, I’ll be playing some dance, pop, rock and country music to help get you out of the winter funk as we march closer to spring. Also, in this week’s RetroSpective, I’ll feature a set of “No Hit Wonders” songs we all know by bands that had a major impact on music, but never had a top forty hit on the Billboard charts. I’ll even take your requests and talk about whatever pops into my head. So, get some friends together and hang out with me this Friday night (tomorrow) at 9 pm Eastern in The Retro Arcade on Magic 109, the only station breaking the radio dial!