DJ Sassy’s back with more tracks for you

Hello everyone! DJ Sassy here to let you all know I have returned from my holiday last week up in the Great North of Canada. Our holiday is called Family Day and I had my hunny with me for most of the day and spending time with my family. Now that I am back, I will be playing some good ol’ tracks for you guys back from the 1950’s-1990’s for you all. I will be on tonight from 9-11pm EST so make sure to mark that in your calendar, phone, tablet, Alexa, whatever you have that way you can listen to some great tunes. If you have any requests that you would like to send in to me, you can go to our request page on our website & look for my name, DJ Sassy. You could email me at or Twitter: mixitupdjsassy

I do have a Facebook page so make sure to follow me on there:

See you all tonight! I’m DJ Sassy…and I’m outta here!!