A Great Debate Of Love Or Hate!

It’s time for The Rock Vault’s annual Valentine’s Day Special and it’s going to be good whether you wanna get down and dirty, love to love, or simply love to hate this show’s got something for you!

In the first hour I’ve got your Amp Warmer to kick things off with a bang and get you in gear! I’ll also be bring you some very suggestive songs which may end up just making you laugh or might even get you in the mood for hour number 2. I’ll also have some interesting facts about Valentines Day.

In the second hour is one of everybody’s favorite segments. That’s right! It’s The Chill Out Set, a set of songs to make you slow it down and love those ballads. I’ll be mixing things up a bit this week and starting this week’s Artist Spotlight on Bryan Adams towards the top of the final hour.

And finally in the 3rd hour, it’s time to put it all out there. I’ll have some songs for all you folks out there who just simply aren’t into all this love and affection and the whole meaning of Valentine’s Day. I’ll also have the remaining fun facts and more.

You can catch The Rock Vault today at noon eastern only on Magic 109. Whatever your mood I’ve got you covered! Remember, you can interact by using the contact details below. See you all there.

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