It’s a romantic night with DJ Sassy on Mix It Up!

DJ Sassy here to spice things up a bit with all you romantic lovers out there. If you have a partner or love one, you will “love” this show for sure. I’ll be playing nothing but romantic and “getting in the mood” songs for people who are celebrating Valentine’s Day this Thursday. Tonight at 9-11pm EST, is my Mix It Up! Valentine’s Day Edition show where I’ll be playing music from the 50s-90s only and I hope you can all come and tune in. If you have a partner or love one, let me know what you guys are doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day this Thursday. I do take requests as well and here are your options:

Our request page on our website:

email: or Twitter: mixitupdjsassy

Make sure to check out my Facebook page: for updates and what not. I’ll see you all lovers tonight! I’m DJ Sassy…and I’m outta here!!