These great artists will be “mixing the pot” up for you listeners

DJ Sassy here to let you all know that tonight is my regular “Mix It Up!” show here at Magic 109. You will hear a variety of awesome music such as Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Rod Stewart, Tears for Fears, No Doubt & a lot more. These artists will be “mixing the pot” around and giving you some great tunes to listen. Requests are welcome and here are your options:

Go to our website and click on request (look for my name, DJ Sassy), Twitter: mixitupdjsassy or email:

Unfortunately, I won’t be on Teamtalk again due to complications with the program. Hopefully it will be resolved but you can always communicate with me through my email, Twitter or other ways to get a hold of me. Make sure to like my Facebook page:

I’ll see you all tonight from 9-11pm EST. I’m DJ Sassy…and I’m outta here!!!