Groove is in Mix It Up! 90’s Edition

My yearly 90’s show I’d love to play for you guys at the beginning of each year. I will be playing strictly only 90’s music from 1990-1999. If a song was released in 1999 but the album came out in 2000, I won’t be able to play it, as well as if an album was out in 1989 but the song came out in 1990, it’s technically from the 80’s. I absolutely love the 90’s since I got to see the whole 90’s and just say, it was the best. I might not remember the 80’s but if you remember the great music from the 90’s, you lived it very well like I did. You’ll be hearing great tunes such as Groove is in the Heart, Vogue, 6th Avenue Heartache, Shoop, Sure Shot & a lot more!! I’ll be on from 9-11pm EST tonight and feel free to send in requests. Here are your options:

My twitter is mixitupdjsassy, go to our website and fill out the request form (make sure it’s to DJ Sassy) & email is

Just a reminder, I am having issue’s with TeamTalk so I won’t be on there tonight. Email, Twitter, Facebook page or any other communication device/social media you can get a hold of me is great. Please, I love to talk to people during my show so don’t be shy.

I’m DJ Sassy….and I’m outta here!!!