It’s time to Mix It Up! tonight

Tonight is another fun filled night with me, DJ Sassy here at Magic 109. I’ve got a lot coming for you guys tonight of different varieties of music such as pop, classic rock, oldies, etc. No specific artists are joining me tonight so we’re gonna make it fun tonight and get your feet tapping tonight. Don’t feel like dancing? You can just dance in your chair, maybe on your couch, your bed (please don’t share!), wherever you are. I’ve got the music and I’ll cover it all just for you. You’ll hear me live tonight from 9-11pm EST.

If you have a request you would like to send in to me, feel free to BUT you have until 10:30pm EST to send them in because the request line will be closed at that time.

My contact information here is:


Twitter: mixitupdjsassy

Our request page: (look for my name, DJ Sassy)

If you haven’t liked my Facebook page: you better hurry on over and hit that like button. You’re not following me on Twitter? Better do that quick as well. Hope to see you all tonight! I’m DJ Sassy….and I’m outta here!!