Night Moves, Desire, and Games People Play on The Retro Arcade With Zman

Hello, Zman here hoping you had a Merry Christmas and 2019 has gotten off to a good start. I am back from the holiday break and ready to play some great music from the ’50s through the 90s on The Retro Arcade tonight from 9 PM – 12 AM EST on I’ll play rock, pop, country, dance, electronic, alternative, new wave, a little comedy and pretty much any other type of music that came out before 2000. Also this week I’ll debut a new segment called RetroSpective I’ll tell you about that during the show tonight. I’ll also have a set of music featured in the TV series The Sopranos which debut on HBO 20 years ago yesterday, share some fun stories, trivia, and just have a lot of fun. So join me in the way back machine as we go back to a time when TV stations signed off at midnight, you remember the first time you got to stay up and watch Johnny Carson, and you thought it was strange to see your teacher wearing regular clothes on The Retro Arcade tonight at 9 PM EST on Magic 109 The station breaking the radio dial.