How Do You Get There For Christmas on The Retro Arcade with Zman

It is time for the Anual Retro Arcade Christmas Show this Friday night from 9 PM-Midnight Eastern on and this year I’m doing things a little different. One thing many of us are doing this weekend is traveling somewhere for Christmas. weather by bus, train, car, plane, walking or running around to get last minute gifts. You will probably be doing some kind of traveling this weekend to get to your Christmas destination. So on this weeks show I’ll be playing Christmas and non-Christmas songs about all those ways of getting from here to there I’ll even throw in a few Christmas songs about some things that can happen once you have arrived. I’ll also share some Christmas memories, some holiday humor, and much more. I will also take your requests. I hope you will join me for A How Do You Get There For Christmas Retro Arcade Friday night at 9 PM Eastern on Magic 109 Radio the station breaking the radio dial.