Old Favorites In A New Light, And Building The Hit! This And More On The Rock Vault!

I hope you’ve all had a great Thanksgiving and are ready to grab a hot plate full of some great rock tunes! This week on The Rock Vault, it wasn’t enough for them to record it once. They had to do it once more. We’ll be taking a look at popular songs you know and love but in a different light as the last hour will be all re-recorded songs. Have you wondered why artists do this? We’ll go into that as well. And if that weren’t enough I’ll also be featuring some demo recordings . This gives you a glimpse into the makings of what went on to be hits. These may actually surprise you as some of them were changed quite a bit in the final cut. I’m interested to know what you all think. I’ve also got The Chill-Out Set, and Amp Warmer in addition to some other surprises. Hopefully you haven’t eaten too much turkey because I’ve got your fill of good tunes, fun chatter, and so much more this Friday at 12 Pm. only on Magic 109!

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