A sweet story will be told during The G Spot!

Who said songs can’t be deeper than the actual lyrics? Song titles leave a lot of room for interpretation and Geno J has taken it to the limits of his imagination and made a whole show of it! Tonight, during a special edition of The G Spot, as Sweet Stephanie’s computer is being repaired, he’ll have two stories for you. One in each hour! Play along, get in touch by emailing genoj@magic109.com or by visiting his personal website at https://www.itsjustgenoj.com/, where you can contact him and find all his social media details. So, jot down the song titles for each hour and you’ll get a sentence or two, or maybe a run-on sentence, but it will make sense! There’ll be lots of laughs and colorful commentary during the show as well too! It all starts tonight at 10 pm Eastern, here on Magic 109, the only station forcing you to use your imagination and break that radio dial!