Just Add Water, Microwave, And Stir!

Hey everyone, Brice here. Okay, so I may not be preparing lunch but I’ve prepared a great show for you all this week. This week the spotlight has been taken off the artist and put on you the listener. This is going to require your quick thinking and my quick reaction as we will be playing Alphabet Soup in the final hour of the show! What else is in store you may ask. I’ll be putting Stevie Nicks up against Led Zepplin with her cover of Rock And Roll. I’ve also got a brand new Chill-Out Set with a few tunes you may have forgotten about. I’ve always got room for your requests though and remember, bring your can openers for some Alphabet Soup today only on The Rock Vault. You can catch the show at 12 Pm. eastern only on Magic 109! See you there!

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