A Cornucopia Of Classic and Some Turkeys On The Retro Arcade

It’s Zman inviting you to take a break from the 24 hour news cycle and Tune in Thursday at 7 PM Eastern time for The Retro Arcade on www.magic109.com as I Play plenty of songs one or two may even have a horn, from the 60’s through the 90’s including pop, rock, a little country, and even delve in to some disco plus a couple songs from the remastered Beatles Remastered White album and Metallica’s Remastered And Justice For All Albums that came out last Friday, and with Thanksgiving in the US next Thursday We’ll throw a couple Turkeys at you. (don’t worry we actually know turkeys can’t fly) Plus talk about some classic holiday TV, tech from the past, A couple of Thanksgiving stories, and much more. So join me for the Retro Arcade Thursday at 7 PM Eastern on Magic 109 The Station breaking the radio dial.

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