Who’s that new guy behind The Boot Scootin’ Cafe’s counter?

As most of you already know, Tennessee Chad has a birthday the night he takes his shift at The Boot Scootin’ Cafe and well? We here at Magic 109 give our presenters the night off on their Birthday if they want it. So, we found him a replacement and he’s even experienced! This guy has been serving drinks at The After Dark Variety Bar for years before he closed up shop. Sure, he may have slept on air once or twice, all because he may have over served himself, but rest assured, you have our word he won’t do that at The Boot Scootin’ Cafe, even if he does find Tennessee Chad’s stash of Tennessee whiskey!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Geno J will be filling in for Tennessee Chad. He’ll be serving up your favorite double shots. From Kip Moore, to Alabama, to Jo Dee Messina, you’ll hear all your favorite country tunes from the 1980’s on up through today! Doors open at 10 pm and your requests are most welcome! Last call is at 12:30 am Eastern, so get your requests in early! You can send them to GenoJ at Magic109.com or find his social media details on his personal site here!

With all that said, we do hope Tennessee Chad enjoys his Birthday and hope for many more to come! Let’s just hope we didn’t make a mistake by hiring this guy to fill-in. We’ll also make a promise if Geno J has a blood alcohol level of even 0.01, he’s FIRED! Do catch The Boot Scootin’ Cafe tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10 pm Eastern, here on Magic 109, where we’re breaking the radio dial and Geno J isn’t allowed to break to glasses behind the counter!