80’s & 90’s New Wave This Thursday on The Retro Arcade

If The Icicle Works, Ultravox, XTC, Depeche Mode, Trans-X, The Smiths, And Bauhaus, are up your alley, then you’re going to enjoy The Retro Arcade this Thursday from 7 PM – 10 PM Eastern Time on www.magic109.com I’ll have songs by those artists and many others Plus some back in my day stories that are far more realistic than those back in my day Facebook memes that seem like they were written about the 1880’s instead of the 1980’s I may even bring up some things from back then that you probably forgot about and Littleflurry may make an appearance. so join me this Thursday at 7 PM Eastern time for The Retro Arcade on Magic 109, the station breaking the radio dial.